Thank you for visiting your Ealing West London Homeopath.

Over the past 12 years my family and I have benefited enormously from this powerful but very gentle system of medicine and, more recently, I have enjoyed passing this on to my patients.

I believe that health is about having the energy and capacity to enjoy life to the full and to cope with whatever demands life makes of us. Choosing homeopathy will help you and your family to achieve this level of vitality using natural remedies with no side-effects.

Staying physically and mentally healthy can be a real challenge. Many of us get to a point where we feel that we are constantly battling against a combination of tiredness, stress and physical problems. We take prescribed medication but feel only partially better and worry about the long-term effects of the drugs. The underlying problem is still there, leaving us with residual fatigue, lethargy and a lack of belief in our ability ever to feel well again.

Homeopathy has long understood the connection between mental/emotional and physical symptoms. The homeopathic remedy is chosen to fit the unique pattern of symptoms presented by each individual and thus addresses the imbalance in their immune system as a whole. Allergies, hayfever and eczema can be alleviated by treating the inherited weakness in the immune system as well as the specific symptoms.

I have a particular interest in and experience of treating:

If you would like to find out how homeopathy can help you, please do contact me by email me at . I am happy to have a free informal chat if you would like to find out more before making an appointment.